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Tue, Oct. 11th, 2005, 10:02 am
4everchrists: WHAT Are We Teaching Our Children???

Okay...so this all actually happened yesterday, but i was too tired to attempt to write about it.
so, i was at work, and angie and encountered a really strange and rather heartwrenching situation. THere is a little boy and his sister who normally don't play very well with the other kids and we, at times, have to tell them they need to calm down, use nicer words, or simply be kinder to the other kids. tonight one of those kids pretty much broke down and was crying a river and so i was talking to him in the corner trying to calm him down (he was supposed to be in time out) well, where he happened to be sitting in the corner uner the coat racks and my keys were hung on one of them. now, i have a green lanyard that says "i love Jesus" in huge white lettering. the kid saw it and askied if it was mine. i told him yes and he said that his parents tell him that if he talked about "that guy" (the poor child can't even say his name!) you go to jail!

i asked the other kid if this was true, and she said yes.

What in the world are we teaching our kids???? Jesus wasn't a criminal...i don't understand why you would tell your child this...this kid is three years old. i get that you might get in trouble in a public school or something...but even there they have christian groups of sorts...i couldn't believe my ears! i didn't know what to say after that...not to mention the YMCA is supposed to be a Christian environment. Angie and i were pretty much baffled and had no idea what to do at that point so we told him to go play.

i went to adoration and just pretty much bawled...i was a wreck...these children are our future and this is what we are teaching them? that they aren't allowed to have faith? That they can go to jail for speaking Jesus' name? it didn't help that when i walked into the chapel there was absolutely NO ONE there, and i looked on the sign-in sheet to find that no one had been there to visit him since four o'clock that afternoon! (we have perpetual adoration) i always feel horrible leaving Him late at night by Himself even though the chapel is password protected, but in the middle of the afternoon? the password entry doesn't even kick in until six!!!!! that made me even more sad, and i eventually found myself getting angry. to calm myself down i walked the chapel and said a rosary. then i got sad again. finally i prayed a divine mercy chaplet for the family, and just left them to our Lord. i realized that there wasn't more i could do for those poor kids without jeopardizing my job or getting the Y possibly involved in a major lawsuit.

so i guess what i'm asking for is prayers for this family.